Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Friends!

I met a Gal on F.B. we seemed to have a lot in common. I found out we only live a short distance away from each other and used to live in the same town. I guess our paths just never crossed back then.....Strange where life takes us! We may walk by someone today as stranger's and years later our paths cross and we find a new friend! 
Meet Sandy!
I met her in person today! What a great Gal!
We "clicked" Right away.
I can't believe how well we hit it off!
Seemed like we have known each other forever!

We went to The Regional Market in Syracuse, Ny.
It is a Flea Market and in the summer, a Farmer's Market too!
Wowzer's did we get some GREAT GOODES!
We dug through boxes, looked under tables and moved some junk!
But we found treasures but nothing as special as a new friend!!!!
After the Market, I took her to a little shop near my home. It was her first time there!
What fun we had!
Wish you all could have been there too!

Prim Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest


  1. That's great, Becky! Sandy is great and very talented. It's nice you two live close and can share your interests.

  2. Wow! How fun to meet up with someone from FB! Sandy is on my list too and have seen her home in webshots for quite a while. She seems like a wonderful gal. Glad you had fun shopping!

  3. I would love to meet someone close to me and have a new crafting / prim friend. You are a lucky lady..

  4. Glad you all had a chance to meet! Sometimes you find out what a small world it truly is!
    Have a good day!

  5. Hi Becky, how wonderful to meet a new friend. I had that privilege recently, unfortunately we don't live very close though.
    Have a great day!!

  6. I'm SO glad we found each other on here Becky...I see nothing but becoming better friends as time goes on...I said to Kim after we left isn't it amazing how someone so much like you is so close but we'da never known had it not been for "cyber world" ....can't wait to get together again!! March 25th seems SOOO far away now....we're gonna have a lot of fun hittin the shops that day for sure! :-)

  7. That's wonderful the two of you so close & never new it~ Sounds like you had a wonderful time & many more good times to come!

  8. How lovely to meet a "virtual" friend and hit it off so well in person! Enjoy your time together, sounds like your first outing was fun! Deb

  9. Ahh, how nice. There's another gift from God:)

  10. That is so nice Becky. We live in a small world when you really stop to think about it.