Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Master Bedroom!

For Seven Years I have had  all white Bedclothes and Curtains.
No, not the same ones, LOL!
But all of my sets were white!
Like this......
Well, the rest of my house has been getting some big changes.
So, I thought I needed a drastic change in the Master Chambers too!
I love Family Heirloom Weaver's and recently became a client of theirs 
so I can carry their product line in my Shoppe.
Of Course, My first purchases were for ME! Teeeeheeeeheee
Do you see a difference?
Even the curtains are new!
I made the small Ticking Sawdust Pillow!
I think I like it!

I also got two throws from them.....
One for me to use in my chair
and one for my Blanket crane I purchased from Carol @ Firecrackerkid
and she is having a sale from now til March 20th!

Prim Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest


  1. Love your new bedding! I've had my FHW bedding for 2 years and I still just love it! It's great stuff. Great job on your BR makeover.

  2. It looks great. I love the FHW products. I have two throw now. I am so wanting to get more for my bed. Your bonnets you made look great hanging from your peg board. Blessings!

  3. Funny how a simple addition of color makes all the difference. Love you not white bedclothes.


  4. Love it very much!!! I think it looks great, you have some fantastic prim pc's. Thanks for sharing

  5. Becky, Your bedroom looks beautiful! I also LOVE the blanket crane that you bought!!!
    Prim Blessings,

  6. Hi Becky, I love your new bedding and curtains. What a difference!! Also love the blanket crane and your peg rack. All looks so nice and prim!
    Have a great day!!

  7. Hi Becky, Wow really added a lot just by changing the bed linens, love how it made the room have a warm feeling. The prim touches really finished off the room. I have been working on mine for a few weeks, trying to get it into the prim era. Thanks for the ideas. Vicky

  8. Love the bedroom make-over! The addition of color makes it seems so much warmer and cozier! You did a great job!
    Have a happy day!

  9. Love the new look. Looks comfy.! Great job.
    Prim Blessings! Robin

  10. The bedding looks awesome, I also have some from them, washes like a towel and always looks soo nice. Please check out my blog, it has pictures of my bedding on there as well.

    The rest of your room looks wonderfully primtastic too. Keep the pictures coming, love them


  11. Looks great~ can't go wrong with Weavers~ love it !love it!

  12. Love your new bedroom makeover Becky, aren't the textiles just fabulous by Family Heirloom Weavers. I have just added a few new essentials to my bed, a throw and a cushion plus a bolster pillowcase.

    Sleep Tight in your cozy prim bed!

  13. Love. Love. Love.

    Carmen and the Primcats

  14. Wow, what a gorgeous bedroom. I just love your new linens, great change from the white.

  15. Wowzers, I just love your makeover, Becky! You've decorated so beautifully. :)

  16. Can I come live with you!

    I would never leave the room.........


  17. Very nice Becky:) I want to get me some of those throws too. Thanks for mentioning my sale luv. I appreciate that:)