Saturday, February 12, 2011

I went to the Country Folk Art Craft Show @ the NY State Fairgrounds in Syracuse , NY today!!!!! Waste of $5.00.

I was very disappointed! I have been there multiple times over many years, I think this was the worst ever! 
Not half the vendors as there normally is!

Hopefully it will be better in October. 
This is the only Item I purchased...... 

$5.99, reduced from $15.99
But I went with my Dad and "Mom", spent some much needed quality time with them.
That sure made up for the show!
Family is way more important!
Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest


  1. Hi Becky,

    I know it's sad...for the visitors and the vendors who do so much and have such hopes; hope you're right and it is better in October.

    Your buy of the day looks like a larger version of a candle holder I have.
    It is very nice...have fun deciding where to put it :)

  2. Sorry the show was a disappointment. Sure hope it's not a sign of shows to come this Spring. Maybe the bad weather has had lots to do with the no shows. We use to go to a show in Tn in Feb. and it finally fell apart. Seemed every year, time for the show the weather was bad. Love the shelf you did get. Have fun finding a home for it

  3. hey Becky....thanks for your visit.....I am in control....can you hear me roar? LOL!!

    This caddy is just pretty cool....I'm sorry the show was a flop tho'.....that is very disappointing!! :O(

    Thanks again.....have a great day!!

  4. Becky,

    The problem with Folk Arts shows is the booth fees are just so darn high. We've done the one in Edison, NJ and after you spend 2 mights in a hotel, food and show fee, the profit is very much diminished. I have cut out all spring shows from my list this year and have only about 6 scheduled for the fall.

    Nice piece that you purchased and a very good price too.


  5. Well at least you had some quality time with family~
    I know sometimes shows can be very disappointing & this time of year~ we need some good ones to help with the cabin fever!
    Look Girl~ 134 followers!

  6. What a bummer, I am from Syracuse but I had never been to that show.
    I got into prims the year we left for NC

    I always miss the apple festival in Layfayette, that was always my favorite show! Gets me bummed every October.