Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bixby Bunny and his Food

Here is what I worked on yesterday and today. 
It should not have taken me this long to finish them,
but life happens even when we don't want it to!

The pattern is explained well and is not hard to follow.

Cut, Sew, Stuff, Sculpt
Stain and Bake
Stain Again, Bake Again
Stain Again, Bake Again
Three piece sets are available to purchase on my Mercantile page above!

Here is MY SET....
I named my "Chocolate" Bunny 

Prim Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest


  1. So cute!I love them carrots!blessings michelle

  2. Very cute..They go faster as you make more and more so just make more and see how easy it gets :)

  3. They are adorable.

  4. Thank you!
    I plan on making more, but have so many other patterns and ideas. I can't decide what to do next.......

  5. LOVE those!! Bixby...what a cute name!!!

  6. Becky
    they are so cute! Your are so creative!
    Oh, and they are just perfect in the little wheelbarrel!

  7. Found your lovely blog through "A Primitive Place" (Tammy)'s blog and am now following. Your choc. bunny turned out great! (My little girl used to eat them like corn on the cob-gotta love the chocolate bunnies! ~*~Lisa