Saturday, January 22, 2011

Treasures with prices

Okay, Here are the items that were in the pile that I showed you yesterday that I got on
 my little treasure hunt. 
First is the Sink Board
I was told this is an old Lap Desk, works great for a Sink Board
Price $15.00
Next is some Smalls, 
Wire Basket $4.95, Peeler $2.00, Cutter Wheel $1.00, Dried clemantines were $3.00 each but they considered them christmas ornaments so they were 50% off....$4.50 for all 3.
Also, My Wood pieces....
$9.00 and $10.00. Not great prices, but just had to have them both!!!!
Now we have,
Rolling pin with Black handles marked with two tags, one was $18.00 and the other was $3.00, guess what???? I got it for $3.00 YAY! Other rolling pin $8.50 (Not a great deal, but all others were over $22.00 each)
and a green wood thingy!!!! it looks like a cut off pice of an old ladder, but both ends have been painted for years! It just caught my eye and had to have it $5.00.
Now we have some Needful things....
Pie Plate $3.00, Grater $6.00 , Rasp $3.00
And I also got......
....this Reproduction Large Bowl. It was one of their display pieces that she was willing to sell. 

Well, How did I do?????

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  1. I just love ur work BFF....... Good job... Love ya

  2. I think you did awesome!! I thought that bowl was your sink, I see now how you hid it well... very neat idea!