Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning Projects

 This mornings projects........
Envelopes Ready to be crafted into something!!!!!!

Faux Tobacco Leaves...Dried together in bunches instead of individually, I like the look even better, I didn't use the smallest leaf in the pattern......Made them longer too!!!!!

After a few household duties, I went to the Post Office to mail a SWAP Package and also 
A set of Sock ornies that were purchased from me! 

Oh, but the other local gift shoppe is open......gotta stop in to see what is new (OLD). I found a couple of items I knew I wanted, Merchantile Gathering Magazine (Fall2010 & Holiday2010), A Simple Life Magazine, Our free Country Register Newspaper and the Judy Congdon Book "Home Again-Simply Country". Yet, I just had took look around to see what kind of Prim/Colonial Goodies I could get for redecorating my house to a more simpler style!!!!!
And what to my wondering eyes did appear?
It has nothing to due with reindeer!!!!

A Baby Firkin (Ornament Size) 

A Handful of Well Used Kitchen Utensils

A Firkin That I will give the TLC it deserves!!!!!


A 2 Gallon Crock in very good Condition
$18.00/NOT...I asked her to take $15.00and she did!!!

Total Price for some amazing finds in our own little hometown,
Prim Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest Free Image Hosting at


  1. Beck, What a great deal on the crock, that is a steal!!!!! I also love the little firkin, You have great taste!!!! All the kitchen utensils!! You know how to get a bargin, I need to go shopping with you until we drop!!!!!!! How does that sound!!!! Then go for lunch and then go shopping again!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Friend,
    Tricia, XOXOX

  2. Tricia, ANYTIME Darlin'!!! I am a Shop-a-holic!!!!! I hope you can keep up with me.....bring your credit card Girly, we are gonna need it!!!!!
    Luv,Bec XOXOX