Friday, January 21, 2011

A little Treasure Hunt....

I went on a little treasure hunt today in search of a few specific items. I did find a couple, but not all of what I had in mind. I wen to another of our local gift shoppes in search of a sink board, stove board, Bowl Rack and some other kitchen utensils(nothing specific).
This is what I came home with......

I will post individual pics and prices later!!!!!

 Prim Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest Free Image Hosting at


  1. Oh Becky Im drooling.... Lots of goodies! If your looking to get a stove board you should get ahold of my BFF Angie over at sna primitive craft blog... her and her hubby make them there awesome thats where I got mine

  2. Jacki, I went there...thru all pages and see no pics or prices for a stoveboard! I think my hubby is gonna build me one. I would still like the info from her though.....Just in case!!!!

  3. Im sorry I should have told you that they werent actually listed on her blog just thought maybe that would be the best way to contact her. I should have given you more info to begin with sorry sweetie..... You can either PM her on TPP shes angiets42 or I will tell her tomm when I talk to her that you were looking for some info and maybe she can just PM you.... Either way I will let her know ;o) XOXOXOX