Sunday, January 23, 2011

Little Project

I found these two pieces in a house we bought at an auction. It had some great finds hidden everywhere. My sister and her family now live in the house and I occasionally go there and hunt through some of the hidden spots. These two pieces were in the basement in a pile of rubbish. 
Here it is Before.....
After a little staring, thinking and planning......
I came up with an idea of how to make them into a cute broom to hang.
I hammered a Cut Nail into the handle, Stuck it into the open end of the broom, used rubber cement and hot glue to hold the handle in place, Wrapped Strips of pre-stained Osnaburg fabric around it until it covered my repaired area, I then wrapped pre-stained Jute sting to the top to make a hanging string.
Here it is after....... 
How does it look????

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  1. Very nice makeover! Love the old time look to it, love the way you come up with ingenious ideas to fix and makeover!