Monday, January 10, 2011

Hi All!

I hope you all had a day as blessed as mine has been. I met a wonderful new person today. Her name is Karen. She is from Vernon, NY...She is a wholesale Rep for a few Prim Companies. I did place three orders today for some items I just knew my shoppe could not be without!!!!! We had a lovely visit as I showed her around my Nest. We shared coffee and and did a little bit of cawing and squawking . What a great start to an even better rest of the day!!!

After Karen left, I went back to my blogging trail to learn all I can about blogging....Yeah, I sometimes think I am a superhero and have to do it all and be capable of learning everything all in one day. So my gathering began, I spread my little wings , put my beak up high and let the internet take me where I had never flown before.

Before too long (We all know there is no real time when you are flying around the world through your fingertips) I came across a Primitive Forum. I have never thought about connecting with other Ravens who share the love for all things Prim. What a wonderful thing to find.

I have joined the forum known as The Primitive Pantry. I became a member, posted pictures of my Nest, replied to some posts, was in complete AWE when I viewed homes that are owned by the other members, shed a tear when I read a true story posted by the Mother of the Forum,
I have gathered new ideas, snagged a few tips, learned some new things and realsized there are other birds who gather the same type of things as I love having in my Nest.
I have spent all day meeting and greeting all of my new Prim family through the tips of my wings....If you love all things Prim, Colonial, Antique, country, etc....Fly on over to meet all the lovely ladies at this amazing forum. You will be there for a long amount of time, it is addicting. Grab a cup of your favorite warm winter drink (Mine is Coffee) and enjoy yourself with the whole flock!!!!!
Prim Blessings to all... From Becky@ The Crow's Nest Free Image Hosting at

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